Currently Reading: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

I picked up Fight Club last Thursday on a whim. If you are not friends with me on Goodreads, then you missed out on my status update on it, which read, and I quote, “f*ck the people in this book, man. just f*ck em. horrible ass wipes jesus christ I’m going to bed.”

So essentially, the book is about a nameless narrator who is pretty much at his breaking point. We don’t exactly know the source of his misery, but it is apparent that he is slowly falling apart. Enter Tyler Durden, a film projectionist. Tyler meets up with our narrator and forms a secret, underground club where grown men come together to knock the crap out of each other.

That’s one story line. The other is an examination of the disturbing relationship between these two men. I’m currently almost halfway with the book, but I can’t bring myself to reading it all at once because for such a short book, it is a lot to absorb. Tyler is a despicable human being. He is manipulative. He is a bad influence on the protagonist. He is a bomb just waiting to detonate.

I can only take so much of him in one sitting. So yes. Taking a break from Fight Club for now.

This is my first Palahniuk, and I have almost all of his books on my to-read list because their synopses sounded so intriguing. I’m bound to like at least one, right?


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