I cried a lot yesterday.

I got news that Tyler might be moving to OK City over the summer for an internship. Granted, it’d only be three months, but to me that feels like forever. We’ve never been apart from each other more than a couple weeks due to family vacations. So to think that we would be apart for so long is scary.

Then I thought, how selfish am I? Here I am applying to P.A. school, which takes anywhere from 2-3 years to finish, and the schools I’m applying to are about 2-4 hours away. I guess I now understand his concerns with me moving away if/when I get into a program.

I started to think more logically once I calmed down.

Let’s say I do get accepted into a program. That means I’ll have something to occupy my time while he’s working in the summer. It isn’t too bad, right? It could be worse….


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