What’s Up, Wednesday! 11/11

#harrypotterstamps because I couldn’t help it. But now I just want to keep them for myself. 😊
I bought Harry Potter stamps.

WHAT I’M CURRENTLY READING // A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki (loving this) and Marbles (graphic novel memoir about depression and bipolar disorder) by Ellen Forney

WHAT I’M WATCHING // The Great Food Truck Race on Netflix 😛 Wouldn’t it be fun to own a food truck? I’ve also been following the sixth season of The Walking Dead.

WHAT’S UP IN GENERAL // Well, to update you from my last WUW post, I didn’t get the job at my dermatologist’s office. I can only assume they hired someone with a lot more experience than me. I took my CNA state exam last Friday and am waiting for results. I DID get “hired” at a nursing home called Chapel Ridge…. I just have to wait and see if I passed the test first and then wait for my license to come in the mail (2-3 business weeks) and then show Chapel Ridge my license… which I don’t know if they would be willing to wait THAT long to put me on the schedule. 😛 *shrugs* we shall see..

Oh, and I got rejected from one PA school I applied to. and so it begins….


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