Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton


Rating: ★★★★

A remote island + a rich billionaire + hired scientists + dinosaur DNA. What could possibly go wrong? Except, well, EVERYTHING.

Somehow this rich dude and his team of scientists got a hold of dinosaur DNA extracted from a fossil (I’m jealous, the only DNA I ever extracted was from a strawberry — all in the name of science, of course). So the rich guy, Hammond, decides to build an amusement park of sorts with these dinosaurs as the centerpiece of his attraction. He invites world-renowned paleontologist Alan Grant and his colleague Ellie Sattler along, as well as his own two grand-kids for this “educational” venture.

You can only imagine how that went.

Thoughts: One criticism that I have heard about the book was that the science portion took away from the adventure. This statement needs to be reevaluated because without the science-y parts, you wouldn’t get the adventure in the first place. Riddle me this: what parts are plot-driven? When the dinosaurs come into play. Oh, well how did the dinos get there? BECAUSE OF FUCKING SCIENCE.

I’ve also heard that Ian Malcolm’s chaos theory was exceptionally boring to read about. Yes, it went over my head, but no need to criticize something you don’t necessarily understand. Basically, I liked Malcolm, I had no problem with him, therefore I am defending him. The only character I did not care for was an 8-year-old. She was a complete brat.

I watched Jurassic Park again after reading the book. Syfy had a thing going where it played a marathon of Jurassic Park. There were definitely scenes that were both deleted from the book in the movie as well as additional scenes that didn’t happen in the book. Simply put, the film is maybe 75% of the book. One review from The Detroit News says that the book was “frighteningly real” and I would have to agree. I think I preferred the book over the film because reading it on your own makes it a whole lot more suspenseful.

There is a sequel called The Lost World. I bought it. I’ll be reading it.



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