December Recap

December was an eventful month for me.

  1. (top left) My boyfriend and I got invited by my bosses to go to an escape room with them as a promotional event for that particular business. It was decent. The free ‘show’ that we got was a murder mystery, and with my sleuthing skills, I managed to figure out most of the clues, which was great. My boyfriend, however, was not too impressed, but it’s not really his type of thing.
  2. (top right, middle two) My family put up a Christmas tree that came with pre-lit lights and so my sister and I got a little bit crafty and painted some ornaments. I wish I could take credit for the TMNT one, but that’s all Stephanie.
  3. (bottom left) For Christmas, I got my boyfriend a jacket as well as this CATS IN SPACE MUG 😀 Here’s my reasoning: he LOVES learning about astronomy, he likes cats, and he enjoys a good cheeseburger every now and then.
  4. (bottom right) My cousin and I have birthdays that fall a few days after Christmas so as a family we usually combine the birthday parties with the holiday. I turned 23 (but I feel oh-so-19) and enjoyed a delicious butter pecan & strawberry ice cream cake (yes, ice cream in December. Ice cream regardless of weather!).

So yes, an enjoyable month nonetheless.



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