Jane, the Fox, & Me


Our narrator is Helene, a young girl who is possibly in her last few years of primary school. She is taunted and teased by her classmates and have virtually no friends. To help her get through each day, she finds solace in Jane Eyre. The two heroines then realize they have much more in common than they think.

The only color throughout the book are the portions where Helene is reading about Jane. All other areas are a muted sepia color. I thought this was a smart move because the girl thinks she amounts to nothing; she is fed lies every day by her peers that she’s not good enough and that she’s drab and boring (hence the muted color scheme).

I think the book portrays bullying and solutions to overcoming bullying well within a short book of mostly illustrations.


I would recommend to people of all ages. Bullying affects everyone whether you are the bully or the victim. It exists in every aspect of society, sadly, but perhaps the existence of books such as these will help kids struggling to fit in finally gain a voice of their own.




2 thoughts on “Jane, the Fox, & Me

  1. Sarah

    Thanks for this review. My daughter is facing this at the moment. I’ll check this book out as it could be just the thing to give her a lift – she’d love the Jane Eyre reference and it might help her feel less alone grappling with those school friendship struggles.


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