Old Man’s War by John Scalzi


John does two things on his 75th birthday: he visits his wife’s grave and then joins the military. This sci-fi novel takes place on a distant Earth where other planets are now inhabitable, but to be able to live on them, man must first enlist and fight the many alien species in the universe. The military doesn’t want just anybody, however, they prefer the elderly to fight for them on the grounds that these senior citizens have the wisdom and experience necessary to take on the Earth’s enemies.

So, strapped with nothing but his dry wit, John prepares to meet the other recruits, all of them very curious and wary about how they are to fight in their aging bodies. There is a rumor floating around that the Colonial Defense Forces have a way of reverting age. That is, they can somehow make a 70-year-old’s body brand spanking new again, but the process is all hush-hush to civilians. It’s a remotely small price to pay to be young again, and the recruits are more than ready to begin a new chapter of their lives.

There’s so much to say about the technology within this book, but I don’t want to spoil any part of the book for anyone. Ultimately, my rating came down to the smooth narrative and the camaraderie between John and his new-found friends. I would recommend this to sci-fi lovers, old and new. I’m sure there is something in here that everyone would like.

I was surprised to find out that this is book 1 of 6. Despite my enjoyment of the novel, I will not be continuing the series because I think they are unnecessary additions. There were plans to make the book into a movie, but I think those plans fell through…? I think it would work very well as a film/TV adaptation. Solid book, overall.



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